making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Why Water Is Getting Into Your Basement

by Lorraine Fisher

Do you have a problem where you are finding water in your basement after recent rain storms? If so, you'll likely want to get to the bottom of this problem so that you can stop the water from coming in once and for all. Here are some reasons why water can get into a basement

Improper Grading

Start by taking a close look at the grading around your home. Proper grading means that the land is going to be built up around your home so that water can flow away from the foundation when it rains. If you do not have a proper grade, that water will collect against the home's foundation instead of flow away. Once all that water builds up against the foundation walls, it will find a way through those small cracks. Smaller cracks eventually turn into large cracks if not treated, and the problem with water in your basement becomes worse.

Lack Of A Sump Pump

If the water levels from under your home are building up against your foundation, the water will eventually find a way through.  One way to get rid of the water is to have a plumber install a sump pump. This will help drain the water from under your home into a pit, and then pump the water out once it reaches a certain level. A sump pump can be a great way to deal with water that is seeping through your basement floor or foundation walls.  

Short Downspouts

Downspouts are designed to collect the water on your roof and drain it far away from your home instead of letting it fall right next to it. Unfortunately, many downspouts cause the water to come out right next to the home. All this water is now concentrated on a single spot, which causes a problem as the water rests against the foundation. You can easily fix this problem with some downspout extension that will bring the water several feet away from your home. It will be far enough away where it won't collect against the foundations.  

While these are some causes for why water is getting into your home, it is ultimately due to foundation damage where water is finding its way through. Speak to a foundation repair company to find out more information about what it would take to eliminate the possibility of water getting inside your home. The contractor can come up with a solution after performing a thorough inspection of the space. 


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making decisions about roof replacements

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