making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Ways Your Landscape Trees May Be Damaging Your Roof

by Lorraine Fisher

A big tree that overhangs your roof may provide shade for your home, but it can also be wreaking havoc on your roof. Keeping the tree trimmed back can help you with these issues, but you will still need to inspect the roof regularly for the following problems.

Torn shingles

During storms and windy weather, branches may blow low enough to scrape across the roof. This motion can cause the shingles to lift. You may see missing or torn shingles or find remains of shingles in the yard. In some cases, the shingles may not look damaged, but there will be an increased amount of gravel in your gutters or beneath the eaves of the roof. This is the protective covering on the shingles, which has been scraped off by the branches. Over time, this damage builds up and your shingles become more likely to fail. If you notice these problems, you need to both have your roof repaired and have the tree trimmed back.


Even if the branches can't scrape the roof, damage can still occur.  Dropped branches and leaves will build up on the roof over time. These can clog gutters, which can lead to ice dam issues in winter and drainage problems in summer. Clogged gutters often overflow towards the house, which means water can seep beneath siding and cause interior damage. The debris that remains in the roof will also trap moisture. This can cause the shingles to degrade prematurely. Moisture trapped on the roof can also increase the chances of water breaching the shingles, resulting in a leak. Keeping the roof free of debris is vital, as is ensuring any damage caused by debris is promptly repaired.


Increased shade and reduced air circulation from the tree cover increases the chances of moss growth. Moss traps moisture against a roof, which leads to similar issues as leaf debris.  Moss may seem harmless since it doesn't have true roots, but it can grow beneath a shingle. This will lift it up, allowing water beneath and resulting in leaks indoors. Moss should be removed promptly, along with any debris that could help support it.

Keeping the trees trimmed and the roof clean can go a long way toward mitigating most roof issues, but you will still need to be extra vigilant when it comes to scouting for issues or scheduling maintenance. Contact a roofing company near you for more help.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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