making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Tips To Prepare Your Home Roof And Gutters For Spring

by Lorraine Fisher

Now that the holidays are over and the end of winter is in sight, you can begin planning for outdoor yard work and activities, and making improvements and repairs to your home's exterior. Your roof can receive a great beating from winter's harsh elements, and at the end of the season you should inspect your home for winter-caused exterior damage. Here are some tips to help you check and inspect for damage, then complete repairs to your home's roof and gutters to prepare them for this new year.

Update Roof Gutters

The edges of your home's roof may not garner much attention, but they are an essential area of importance to the condition of your home's foundation and the landscaping around your home. When your roof does not have the proper gutters installed to collect rainwater, the water will drain directly off your roof and onto the soil or landscaping below. For this purpose, properly working gutters are necessary.

If you do have gutters installed, make sure they are working properly. If you do not have gutters installed on all decline-sloping roof edges, you can have them installed professionally. Look at the edges of your roof and determine which will cause rainwater to drain from its edges. Doing so and installing gutters will also make sure that any landscaping vegetation or lawn growing beneath the roof's edges will not become destroyed from excessive runoff, soil saturation and erosion to the area.

Check Roof for Winter Damage

If you live in a climate that has snowfall during the winter, or freezing temperatures that can lead to ice formation, your roof is at an increased chance of receiving winter damage. A roof installed with shingles made of asphalt are a more popular type of shingle and are also especially susceptible to snow and ice damage.

Asphalt shingles will become weathered from the sun's damaging rays and moisture, so they will begin to curl after they have run their full life. But in winter when your roof experiences snow melt during the day that freezes to a layer of ice and cascading icicles at night, this can speed up the damage to your shingles.

Be sure to check your shingles when the snow and ice have melted in the spring. You can hire a professional roofing contractor to complete this check for you if you are not able to. However, no matter the method you inspect your roof, make sure you repair and replace the roof and your shingles to prevent further interior moisture damage.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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