making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Common Problem Areas For Residential Roofs

by Lorraine Fisher

You may be able to go many years without experiencing a serious roofing problem. Unfortunately, there are some roofing components that will simply be at a much greater risk of suffering damage or other problems.


The shingles on the roof will be required to take the brunt of the weathering on your roof; this can lead to the shingles deteriorating. When this problem starts to occur, it can lead to your home's appearance becoming compromised, and it can also compromise the structural integrity and stability of the roof. When the shingles become damaged or are approaching the end of their lifespan, they should be replaced as soon as possible to limit the risks this issue could pose.


Over the course of time, moisture can seep through small gaps in the roof. If this water becomes trapped, it may contribute to the roof rotting or growing hazardous molds. To account for this risk, roofs will have a series of vents that are designed to allow these small amounts of moisture to evaporate. Clogged or damaged vents will inhibit this process, which can lead to gradually developing roof damage. Keeping the vents clean and clear will be essential for ensuring that they are able to function as intended.


Homeowners will often notice small sheets of metal strategically placed on the roof. This is the flashing, and it serves the purpose of helping to stop water from entering the home through gaps in the roof. These gaps are usually the result of design features of the house, such as around chimneys and overhangs. Rusted flashing will be far less effective at stopping water, as there may be small holes in it that can allow the water to seep through. Keeping the flashing free of moss can help to avoid corrosion, but all flashing will eventually need to be replaced to protect the structural integrity of the roof.


Skylights can be one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways of adding more sunlight to the home's interior. However, skylights can also present some unique roofing challenges. Around the perimeter of the skylight there are thick seals that are supposed to stop water from leaking into the home from around the edges of the skylight. Storms, pests, and normal wear can decrease the effectiveness of these seals. If you notice moisture is starting to seep in around the edges of your skylight, you must act quickly to repair the damage. It can be very difficult to determine the extent of the damage caused by this leak, and having your local residential roofers inspect it will be the best way to determine the scope of the needed repairs.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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