making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Realigning The Double-Hung Tilt Window In Your Home

by Lorraine Fisher

If you have a double-hung tilt window that you've been battling with trying to get closed properly, you're probably dealing with a window that is off its track and needs to be realigned. Even the best quality windows can come off track sometimes. Here, you'll learn how to get the window back on track so it moves smoothly as it should.

Feel the top of the window for the safety locks. Unlatch them. Slide the lower windowpane upwards about 2-inches. Now, look on the lower window for the retaining locks. Release the locks and swing the top window towards you. Give the window a very gentle twist and pull it from the frame. You should hear two pops – this is the sound of the pins that hold the window in the frame pop out.

Inspect the retaining pins located on the lower edges of the window frame. Grab the pin and wiggle them to make sure that they are sturdy – they should not wiggle at all. If the pins are damaged or loose, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and have replacement pins sent out to you. If they're in good shape, you're all set to continue to the next step.

Find the retainers on the lower side of the springs positioned on the frame. They should be at the lower portion of the top window pane. Check the retainers for damage. If you notice that there is damage, you'll have to contact the manufacturer and have replacement parts sent to you.

Slide the upper windowpane downwards until it is about 2-inches from the bottom window frame. Remove this pane the same way that you removed the other. Perform all of the same inspections and make any necessary repairs.

Now, clean the window frame and the windowpane frames. Dry everything completely.

Get the upper windowpane and hold it horizontally as you line up the pins and receivers. Gently give the window a slight twist so that the pins pop in place. Hold the window so that it is level with the floor as you lift and lock it into place. Slide the window to the highest position and repeat the process with the other pane; his process should have realigned the window so that it opens and closes smoothly. If not, you'll do best to contact your local window professional. There could be a problem that needs to be resolved or the window may need to be replaced.  

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making decisions about roof replacements

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