making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Protecting Commercial Roofing By Maintaining Pitch Pans

by Lorraine Fisher

Commercial roofing must be carefully maintained or businesses run the risk of alienating their potential customers. One problem that commonly affects many commercial roofs is faulty pitch pans. Managing this problem requires regularly maintaining pitch pans to ensure they don't wear out.

The Use Of Pitch Pans On Commercial Roofing

For those who have never heard of the term, it is important to understand what pitch pans are and the purpose they perform. They are boxes or pans placed on roofs that ave filled with a sealant item known as pitch. They are placed on various structures to help protect connecting items and to avoid leaks and other problems. Without them, a commercial roof can suffer from a variety of leaks.

For example, fault pitch pans will fail to seal properly and allow rain and other weathering elements to wear down the exterior of the roof. When this happens, leaks will begin occurring and falling on the customers' heads, causing people to leave the or avoid coming again.

When Pitch Pans Break Down

What can cause pitch pans to break down? Beyond common weathering, it can often fail when damage occurs to the pipes that help hold pitch pans and pool on the roof. It is also possible that the sealant in the pans will run out if it is not regularly maintained by filling them up when they run out. This often requires a commercial roofing expert who knows how to repair pitch pans.

Beyond this problem is the way that pitch pans can affect flashing. When the flashing on a commercial roof wears down, it will cause a series of leaks to break out inside of a building. Flashing is more likely to malfunction if pitch pans aren't available to protect it from damage.

Crucial Pitch Pan Repair Procedures

The best way to keep pitch pans in proper working order is to perform several simple maintenance procedures. For example, they should be examined after the thaw in the spring and after extreme storms to see if they have worn down. If they have, it is important to either replace them immediately or get new sealant installed, as necessary.

As mentioned above, the sealant should also be replaced often to ensure it doesn't run out. Sealant for pitch pans is usually pretty inexpensive and easy to install. That said, it's probably best to have a professional to do it to avoid adding too much, too little, or making any other mistakes that could damage their operation.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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