making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Tips For Caring For Your Business's Flat Roof

by Lorraine Fisher

Roofing damage can bring any business to a grinding halt until repairs are completed. Considering that businesses often have very large flat roofs, improper maintenance can cause these roofs to be at a far higher risk of suffering damage. Protecting your business's roof against these damages may require you to use some basic care steps for flat commercial roofs.

Inspect The Roof Lining For Cracks

The surface of flat roofs will often be protected against the elements with a thick layer of rubber. In addition to preventing water from seeping into the building, these layers can also act as an insulator, which will help to keep the temperature in your building stable.

Unfortunately, exposure to the elements can make this rubber brittle. As this lining becomes brittle, it will be prone to developing small surface cracks. These cracks will allow moisture to potentially seep into the interior of the building where it can cause rot and mold. If you find these small cracks in your roof's surface, you will need to have a new coating applied. These coats will fill these cracks as well as provide protection against the damaging effects of the sun and moisture exposure.

Keep The Roof's Drainage System Clean

Unlike inclined roofs, water will not naturally flow off of the roof. In fact, flat roofs can be prone to developing standing puddles of water, and if the drainage system is compromised, these puddles can grow to a substantial size. To ensure that your roof can adequately drain, you should clean the gutters and drain tiles every couple of months. Also, you will want to inspect the roof following heavy rains so that you can verify that the water is efficiently draining off of the roof.

Check The Ceiling When There Are Large Amounts Of Snow And Ice On The Roof

Snow and ice accumulations can be a common winter problem for homeowners to experience. When these substances gather on your roof, the roof will be placed under tremendous stress and strain. This can cause some of the physical supports to fail, which can lead to sections of the roof sagging. Sadly, business owners will often be unaware of these problems forming because they may not regularly check the ceiling in their attic. If you find that sections of your attic ceiling are sagging, you will need to schedule an emergency visit from a roof repair professional. These individuals will be able to install structural supports to reinforce the roof, and they can use special tools to melt the snow and ice accumulations so that a full damage inspection can be done.

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making decisions about roof replacements

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