making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Roofing Issues That Should Never Be Ignored

by Lorraine Fisher

It is important to make sure that you are never putting off issues with your home, especially issues that have to do with your roof. Take a moment to review the following roofing issues that need to be handled by a skilled roofer as soon as possible.

You Spot Something Growing on the Shingles

It is easy for plant life to grow on top of your roofing shingles because the roots can easily dig into the shingles in order to hold on. This is not as easily done on a roof that has metal sheets instead of asphalt shingles. Once you spot a problem with plant life growing on your shingles, whether it is some random weeds or a coating of thick moss, those shingles are going to need to be replaced. The integrity of the shingles has been compromised, and they will no longer give your home the protection that is needed. Depending on how long the shingles have had roots growing through them, you might notice that the roofing paper under the shingles is also damaged, and then that too will need to be replaced.

There Is a Curve in the Roof

Roofs are meant to be nice and straight. If you can look at your roof and see that there is a dip in the roof or that there appears to be a section that looks a little swollen, then you will want to quickly call for a reputable roofing contractor or company to come take a look. Since the roofing boards and wood sheets that were used when building your roof were perfectly flat, the only reason for them to no longer be straight is if there has been a substantial amount of water damage. This is not something that can be fixed by any other means than simply having a roofing contractor take off the shingles, roofing paper, and wood. All of that will need to be replaced with brand-new materials, as none of it can be reused.

Some of the Roofing Paper Is Exposed

The roofing paper should ever be exposed. It is meant to be completely covered by shingles or another type of roofing material. If the paper is exposed, then some of that material has fallen off, and there is a very good chance that the paper is not doing well at protecting the materials beneath it. If you do not have a skilled roofer replace the missing and damaged materials quickly enough, you could find that the wood beneath the paper will become extremely damaged, which can lead to a water leak inside of your home.

With just those three points in mind, you should be able to decide when it is time for you to give a skilled roofer a call for some assistance. You can visit sites such as to find roofers in your area. 


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making decisions about roof replacements

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