making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Repair Damaged Shingles On Your Roof In Three Easy Steps

by Lorraine Fisher

If you see or find damaged shingles when you are inspecting your roof this fall, you need to take immediate action to repair them. Damaged shingles, left alone, can cause extensive damage to your roof. Luckily, removing and replacing a few damaged shingles is an easy process.

Pick a day when the weather is mild to work on your shingles. You should not fix a shingle on your roof when it is raining or snowing outside; you could get seriously hurt. You also should not fix your roof if it is incredibly windy outside. You don't want to lose your balance.  You also don't want to work on a day where it is freezing outside. Freezing weather can cause the new shingles that you are laying down to crack. Try to pick the warmest and nicest fall day in the upcoming week to work on your roof. 

Pry The Damaged Shingle Loose

The first thing you are going to need to do is pry the damaged shingle loose. Take a flat crowbar, and slide it under the damaged shingle. Gently work the crowbar all the way under the shingle, and slowly work to free all the tabs or sides of the shingle.

Work carefully. At this point in time you are just trying to get the shingle loose. You will need to loosen the damaged shingle as well as the shingles on either side of it. Generally, shingle are attached together in a row, so you'll need to work the entire row loose.

Remove The Nails

Once you have loosened the shingles, you need to remove the nails holding the row of shingles in place that contains the damaged shingle. You'll want to use the flat bar notch on your crowbar to pull up each nail. Work carefully so that you don't damage any other surrounding shingles; shingles can rip very easily.

Don't try to dig the nail out from the top. Prying the nail out from underneath the shingle and raise the shingle and the nail together. This will cause less damage to your roof. Once you have worked out all the nails, remove the damaged section of shingles.

Slide The New Shingles Into Place

Now that you have slowly worked off the damaged shingle, it is time to slide the new shingle into place. Line the new shingle up with the location of the old shingle. Then, nail it down through the center first so that it is stable. After you do that, nail it into place across the top and bottom. Don't place the nails directly into the old holes; instead, create new holes for the nails. 

It should only take you a couple of minutes to complete each step. Basically, you just need to gently remove the damaged shingle and the nails holding it in place, and then slide in the new shingle and nail it into place. If you need help with this project, visit a company like Georoulis Roofing & Construction.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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