making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

How To Remove And Replace Broken Tiles

by Lorraine Fisher

Repairing a tile roof can be tricky and dangerous, especially when working on a sloped roof. Just accessing the broken tiles can be dangerous, not to mention the fact that you have to perform the repairs while you are balancing on the tiles, trying not to break them. this article explains the best way to repair and replace tiles on a slanted roof.

What to wear

Having the proper safety equipment is of the upmost importance. It is easiest to walk around on soft sole tennis shoes. Hard toe work boots might be too heavy and hard, breaking the tile as you walk on them. Also, wearing soft kneepads can help you disperse your weight to reduce the stress on one point.

Safety Tips

You want to avoid walking on the roof at all costs, although this is not always possible. When walking on your roof, try to step lightly and keep your weight even on both legs. When you are actually working on the tile, sit down to spread your weight out and reduce the stress on your back. It is very important that you stand below any broken tile that you are working on. If you pull out a tile, standing above it could cause the higher row to slide out of position.

Removing and Replacing Broken Tiles

To pull a cracked tile out you will need to make sure the lugs on the bottom side are not caught on the tie below it. The lug is the ridge that allows the tiles to stack on each other for a terraced look. To get the lug loose, you often need to gently lift the tile above it. Don't lift it too high, or else you could dislodge that tile as well. You will need to keep the upper tile slightly lifted in order to slide in the replacement. If you are worried about your tile sliding out or breaking, you might want to add some construction adhesive to the lug before you slide it into place. Just be careful not to smear the adhesive as you slide it into place.

This simple repair won't take too long, unless you have a ton of broken tiles. Just be safe and work carefully so you don't get injured. The hardest part might be walking on your roof without breaking more tiles!

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making decisions about roof replacements

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