making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Roofing Mistakes That Lead To Costly Repairs

by Lorraine Fisher

Whether or not you end up with expensive roofing repairs to make depends on how well your roof was installed. You can avoid costly problems by making certain that the best practices are followed when your new shingles are put on. 

Covering Old Shingles

You can save time and money by having new shingles nailed on over the old, problem shingles. Unfortunately, this process allows excess dirt and moisture to collect in numerous places, shortening the life of your new shingles. You may pay more in labor to have the old shingles removed, but it will be worth it in the long run. If installed correctly, your new roof should last between fifteen and thirty years. 

Not Enough Slope

A knowledgeable roofing company will not shingle an area that has no slope. If the roof doesn't provide enough inclination naturally, a good roofer will create enough slope to ensure proper water drainage. If shingles will not work in some areas, the professional roofer will use other, low-slope materials to protect your roof. 

Poor Nailing

Nails that are inserted at an angle can tear the shingle and allow water to penetrate it. If the air compressor pressure is set too high, it can "over-drive" the nail and tear the shingle. In both of these cases, the shingle needs to be replaced. If these damaged shingles are not removed, your new roof is likely to leak sooner rather than later. Another possible mistake is "high nailing," which means the roofer places the nails too high up on the shingle, allowing the lower part to become loose and even fall off the roof. A reputable roofer will not make these mistakes, but you might if you plan a DIY job. 

Reusing Roof Flashing

You may be tempted to save money by recycling those metal strips and putting them on your new roof. Even if the flashing is currently in decent shape, it will not last as long as the rest of your "new" roof, meaning you will either have to replace it in a few years or risk having water pool on your roof. You would be wiser to buy new flashing at the time of your shingle-install. 

Whether you or a professional installs your roof, taking shortcuts can hurt you a few years down the line. You want your new roof to be problem-free for at least fifteen years, so do everything the correct way, and do not ask your roofer to cut corners.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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