making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Tips For Picking The Best Roofing Material For Your Renovation Project

by Lorraine Fisher

When you renovate an old house, you have the chance to totally change its outward appearance when you install a new roof. While you can choose to put on a common asphalt roof, you could also choose tile, metal, or stone instead. Here are a few things to consider when making your choice.

Cost Of Materials

If you're renovating on a strict budget, then asphalt shingles are a good choice because they are the least expensive roofing material. Plus, as long as the old roof deck is in good shape and there is only one layer of shingles on it now, you can add another layer of shingles on the roof and save the cost of tearing off the old shingles and hauling them away.

Slope Of Roof

The type of roof you have factors into your choice as well. If your roof is flat, then shingles won't work because rain will flow between them and cause a roof leak. Metal is ideal for roofs with both low and steep slopes. Puddles of water won't leak through long sheets of metal roofing like they will through shingles. If your roof is totally flat, you may need to go with a rubber or vinyl roof coating. If you have an unusual shape to your roof, such as a rounded turret, then shingles may be the best option, and you can choose shingles made from asphalt, slate, or wood.

Weight Of The Roof

If your home is old and currently has an asphalt roof, it may not be built to withstand the weight of slate tiles. While slate is the most durable and costly roofing material available, it is also extremely heavy and not suitable for many homes. If roof weight is a concern, then you want to consider metal, since it is very lightweight.

Roof Appearance

All roofing materials have an attractive appearance one they're installed. Your choice depends on the look you're trying to achieve. It's also possible to get the look of a more expensive material when you choose asphalt shingles because some of them are constructed to look like slate tiles or wood shingles. While tile can give your home an upscale appearance, you can often get a very similar look when you buy architectural shingles that are laminated to have a dimensional appearance. These closely resemble tile, especially from a distance.

Durability And Lifespan

If you're not too fond of keeping up with home improvement projects, then metal roofing is a great choice. It needs very little maintenance and lasts a long time. While wood has natural appeal, you have to work at maintaining it to prevent it from rotting or succumbing to insects. Metal and slate offer superior protection against fire and wind, which could be important if you live in an area with wildfires or frequent storms. You should consider how long you're going to live in the home too. If you plan to sell long before an asphalt roof would go bad, then it may be worth it to save money and choose asphalt shingles. If you plan to make the home last a lifetime, you may want to go with metal or slate, since they last for several decades.

A roofing company like Davis & Winslow Roofing can help you decide on the best type of roof for your home taking into consideration the slope of your roof and strength of the structure of your home. You should probably take notice of other homes in your neighborhood too. If they all have the same kind of roofs, your home may look odd if you choose something different. While you may not mind being unique, it might make it more difficult to sell your home in the future.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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