making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

What You Need To Know Before Painting Your Tin Roof

by Lorraine Fisher

Tin roofs are beautiful and long-lasting. As with any kind of roof, however, they do occasionally need maintenance. With tin roofs, the most important type of upkeep is painting. Here are some common points to keep in mind when painting your tin roof to protect both you and the roof.

Safety First

The most important thing about any roof work is safety. Make sure the ladder is sturdy. Place the ladder close to the building and test it to make sure it feels firm when you stand on it.  Before you climb up on the roof, be sure you have necessary safety gear, including work shoes and a hard hat.

Tin roofs can become hot very quickly, which can cause burns. If possible, paint on cool days, rather than hot or humid ones.  You also want to check the weather report before starting, as rain can wash away all of your hard work.

Start with a Clean Roof

Before painting, make sure the roof is clean, as otherwise you will just seal dirt and grime under the paint.  With a broom, wipe away all of the leaves and debris. Any rust must be removed before painting, since the rust will only continue to grow through the new paint job. Remove the rust with a wire brush, then hose down the roof and let it dry.

Choose Paint Carefully

Rust on a tin roof isn't just ugly; it can eat through the roof, resulting in leaks. Before you paint, start with a rust-resistant primer to protect the roof from future rust.

Choose a paint that is intended for use on metal and is safe for outdoor use. If you are not attached to the tin color, painting the roof white will make your home cooler and can save money on electric bills.

Know When to Replace Instead of Painting

There may be some instances where it will be cheaper to replace the roof rather than painting over it. Although tin roofs can last a life time, they do need a paint job once in a while in order to stay looking nice. If the roof has been neglected to the point of total deterioration, it might be best to have a professional repair or replace the roof.

Tin roofs can be beautiful and save money over the life of the roof with a little care. Follow these tips, and you can keep your roof in great shape for a long time. For more tips or information about roofing options, contact a local roofing company like Pyramid Roofing Inc. 


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making decisions about roof replacements

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