making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Maintaining Your Roof: Avoid These Three Common Mistakes

by Lorraine Fisher

Roofs made with the most standard roofing materials will last thirty years or less. Many people don't do much to make sure their roofs last for as long as possible, and they risk not only having to replace their roof sooner, they also risk leaking and other problems that could seriously damage their homes. There are some homeowners who do try and maintain their roofs, but they don't always do it the right way. Here are three common mistakes you should avoid when maintaining your roof:

1. Properly Replace Broken or Missing Shingles

It's easy for a single shingle or part of a shingle to come loose on a roof. Animals, wind, and other debris can break pieces of shingles and leave your roof vulnerable. Not only should you replace broken or missing shingles, it's important that you do a thorough job as follows:

  • Remove any remaining pieces of a broken shingle
  • Replace any roofing sheet beneath that is torn or damaged
  • Install new shingle with both roofing glue and nails (only using nails could cause shingle to come loose again with high winds)

Avoiding the mistake of missing any of these steps will ensure you new shingle will stay in place and protect your roof in the spot that was vulnerable. If you have a tile roof, you will also want to apply a sealant to any new shingles you install because the other shingles will likely be sealed.

2. Don't Cover-up Roof Holes

Cracks and holes on the side or top of your roof can cause short-term and long-term problems. Some people take short cuts with maintaining holes by covering them up with roofing sheet or shingles, but that won't stop leaks, especially in a strong rainstorm.

You can purchase a patch that will cover small holes in the wood on your roof, whether that's on the side or the top.

Patching holes or replacing wood with significant damage will help you keep your roof in good condition for many more years. Allowing small holes to remain could lead to bigger holes and large cracks developing, which could mean significant repairs will be needed.

3. Don't Leave Small Branches or Other Debris on the Roof

Many people are good about cleaning their rain gutters, but they will rarely check for small branches, rocks, or other things on their roof. Cleaning your roof is a good idea because debris can cause small damage to shingles if allowed to build up. Avoid using any high pressure hoses or hose attachments when cleaning, as this can cause shingles to come lose or sustain other damage. 

Avoiding the above mistakes will help you keep your roof in good condition. It will also ensure that you get the maximum performance and durability from your roof. This will save you money and keep your house looking it's best. To learn more, or if you have other questions, contact a company like Freedom Roofing.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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