making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

The Importance Of Moisture Surveys For Commercial Roofs

by Lorraine Fisher

If you own a commercial building, one part of it you want to pay close attention to is the roof. Keeping the roof well-maintained is essential for keeping the whole building stable and in good condition. When the roof starts to deteriorate, it often affects other part of the building.

You will want to be especially mindful of moisture in the roof which can be detrimental if not caught in time. One way to do this is to have a roof inspection and moisture survey done.

Roof Inspections

Regular roofing inspections should be completed at least twice a year and moisture surveys should be done every five years. The reason a moisture survey is so important is the test can help building owners know where there might be moisture trapped in the roof.

Oftentimes, this moisture is not visible to the naked eye which is why this special test has to be done. Not only will the moisture survey tell you where the moisture might be trapped but how much moisture the roof contains. The results of the test will help you determine if there are parts of the roof that need to be repaired or if the roof needs to be replaced.

Moisture Survey Options

Moisture surveys are usually done by those who offer commercial roofing services. There are generally three different ways moisture surveys are done.

  • Infrared Scan - infrared images allow roofers to see what part of the roof have retained heat which is radiated by wet materials
  • Nuclear isotopic meters - a way of measuring hydrogen ions which are produced by water and moisture on the roof
  • Electrical capacitance and resistance meters - since wet materials conduct electricity, this method can be a good indicator of moisture being present on the roof

Even though moisture surveys need only be done every five years, if there are any other indicators your roof has moisture trapped, it would be in your best interest to get one conducted. Some of these indicators including having a roof that leaks or if you notice wet spots on the roof or on the ceiling inside the building.

Catching moisture problems right away will save you money down the road. By getting roof inspections and moisture surveys done when deemed appropriate, you will not only be maintaining the health of your building but the health and safety of everyone inside the building as well. To learn more, contact a company like P Cooper Roofing.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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