making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

Strategies To Protect Your Roof From Copper Thieves

by Lorraine Fisher

Finding a cat in a tree is one thing, but coming home to discover a copper thief can't get down from your roof is a whole different matter. Shockingly, theft and vandalism to roofs is more common than most people realize. Copper fetches a good price at no-questions-asked scrap yards and thieves desperate for money are willing to tear out copper from the top of your home to get it. Taking preventive measures to curtail copper theft is a must or else you could become a victim of a bizarre - and costly - crime.

Take Preventive Steps to Avoid Theft

Professional roofing services are available to help with taking these steps:

  • Install motion detector lights.

Thieves love to work in the cover of darkness. Once a copper thief reaches the top of the roof and is bathed in light, the crook is probably going to make a quick departure. A roofer will install such lights and ensure the devices are reliably operational.

Avoid relying solely on lights at ground level. The thief could circumvent them by climbing to the top of a neighbors adjoining house and then accessing your home.

  • Integrate green roofing concepts.

Perhaps if the edges of the roof presented growing grass common with green roofs, thieves may never suspect there's any copper to be found. A good roofing service could very well weave in green touches with traditional copper materials so the alloy is never noticed.

  • Replace a gutter.

Even though a nice copper gutter is extremely reliable and durable, the structure might catch the eye of thieves. Once they steal the gutter, they could make a move on the roof's copper. Perhaps removing the gutter and installing a less attractive aluminum replacement may be wise. Getting rid of the gutter might keep them away from the other copper components.

Be Aware of "Slow and Steady" Theft

Last, always be on alert to mischief. While it certainly is possible for thieves to take a "one and done" approach and remove all the copper in one intrusion, the possibility of repeat thievery exists. Commercial establishments have suffered from this type of invasion, but residential homes may be targeted as well.

The most obvious sign of trouble would be debris around the property of your home. Do not dismiss the presence of broken shingles because something clearly serious occurred on the roof. If you cannot see the roof clearly from the ground floor or from an upstairs window, call a roofing service like Whitaker Construction Group Inc. to come check it out. Even if theft didn't occur, some sort of damage happened and repair work should be done.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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