making decisions about roof replacements

making decisions about roof replacements

3 Unexpected Things You Can Find In Your Gutter

by Lorraine Fisher

If you're a homeowner, you likely understand the importance of making sure your roof receives a proper inspection and maintenance every once in a while in order to keep it in good shape. But one area that is also located near your roof can often go overlooked. Failing to properly take care of your gutter system could actually cause damage to the nearby roof tiles or cause water to build up and eventually cause an unwanted puddle at your house's foundation. The truth is that your gutter can often collect more things inside of it than just a few leaves. Here are some of the other things you could find up there that could eventually lead to a problem requiring roofing repairs.

Your Child's Toys

Do you have children who like to play outside a lot? If the neighborhood kids come over, and someone hits a home run ball right into your gutter system, that's going to go a long way towards helping cause a clog. Hopefully your child will tell you immediately, but what if they forget or don't because they think they'll get in trouble for causing a hassle? Encourage your kids to play a little farther away from the house, but include gutter inspections as part your regular roof maintenance plan just to be safe.


Gutters are a popular hanging out spot for rodents, birds and other critters. It's a spot that easily collects water for them and perhaps some leaves or other greenery for them to munch on. A regular gutter inspection by your local roofer can help ensure that your gutter and roof stay clear of any unwanted company and will not lead to a situation where the nearby tiles attached your system become damaged.

A Leak or Hole

As debris builds up inside a gutter, the chances increase of some of that debris creating a hole or leak somewhere in the system. With that said, not all holes or leaks are going to immediately cause a massive amount of water damage. Some are so small that they can slowly build up over time and by the time you notice, it's too late. Get your gutter checked regularly so these potential trouble spots can be found before more damage is done.

Get into the habit of inspecting your gutters on a regular basis to make sure you keep not just leaves, but other unwanted items from causing a problem. A regular gutter inspection will also allow you to take a quick look at your roof, and more importantly, allow you to catch any problems with the gutter or nearby tiles that can be fixed before more extensive roofing repairs are required.


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making decisions about roof replacements

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